Suva/Shepu ki Sabzi/ Dill side dish.


Suva/Shepu/Dill sabzi with moong dal is a recipe full of taste and health. Suva/Dill is a leafy vegetable with very strong and unique taste. So it has to be combined with some other vegetable, especially with potato or dal like moong or Toovar dal to mask the strong taste to required extent.

Suva/Dill is used as leafy vegetable in India while it is used as herb in other countries. It is most popular vegetable in Maharashtra state of India.



  • Chopped Suva/Shepu/Dill leaves – 250 gm
  • Soaked Moong dal – ½ cup
  • Fresh Ginger Garlic paste – 1 to 2 tsp
  • Green chilli – 3 to 4
  • Oil – 1 tbsp
  • Cumin/jeera – 1tsp
  • Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
  • Salt – to taste


  • Soak moong dal in water for overnight or at least 5 to 6 hours.

  • Wash the Suva/dill leaves thoroughly with water.

  • Chop it roughly.

  • Slit the green chilli. For any green vegetable I use slit green chilli as it becomes easy to remove while eating, helps mainly for children. But if you want to eat it along with the vegetable you can also finely chop it.

  • Once all the ingredients are ready, heat oil in a kadhai.
  • Add cumin/jeera, green chilli and ginger garlic paste.
  • Stir fry for a minute.
  • Add turmeric powder.
  • Add chopped Suva/dill leaves and mix properly.
  • Let it cook for a minute. By this time it will reduce to almost half its quantity.
  • Drain water from the moong dal and add to the Suva/dill leaves. The quantity of moong dal should be ¼ to ½ quantity of Suva/dill leaves. I generally use half the quantity i.e. 1:1 proportion. This balances the taste for both.
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Mix the dal and cook it till the dal is soft. As the dal is soaked properly it will easily get cooked in the juice released by the Suva/dill leaves. Do not cover with lid. This will keep the green color as it is.
  • Sprinkle some water if the vegetable becomes too dry. But remember very little should be added just to give some moisture to the vegetable. Remember the dal should not be over cooked. it should remain intact.


  • Serve hot with roti or phulka.


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