Bread Toast

Want to have something tasty and easy for breakfast, or worried what to pack in the lunch box for kids…try this “Bread Toast”. Bread Toast is different from the usual toast as it is coated with a batter of besan. This recipe of toast is healthy as it provides both carbohydrates and protein. Continue reading “Bread Toast”

Roti Churma(Namkeen)

Many times there are left over rotis or chapattis which we can’t eat as it becomes dry. Also doesn’t feel to throw it. We end up giving to maid. In such situation just keep the leftover rotis in fridge, covering with foil paper or in a box to avoid further drying. Use it to make this recipe called Roti churma (namkeen). I have mentioned namkeen because we often make sweet churma with fresh roti, ghee and Jaggery, for children. Try this Namkeen churma, can be prepared for breakfast. Continue reading “Roti Churma(Namkeen)”

Bread Upma Recipe

Bread upma is an easy, quick and good to taste recipe for breakfast. It is very convenient to make when in hurry, especially for working people. It requires few, easily available ingredients and takes very less time. It can be also packed in lunchbox for children.  Bread upma is prepared using white or brown bread. Continue reading “Bread Upma Recipe”