Apricot Cookies

Apricot Cookies is a super tasty recipe of cookies with the richness of apricots. These cookies are moist with the sweetness of apricot that will just melt in your mouth. I have used whole pitted sun dried apricots to get a nice color and taste. Continue reading “Apricot Cookies”

Homemade Chilli Mushroom Pizza

Nothing inspires me other than cooking. Apart from daily cooking, I like more of trying new recipes. More challenging is to cook any recipe in your own style. I believe most of them who likes cooking will agree with this.

With every new day there has to be something we look forward to, which motivates us throughout the day that makes life Beautiful and Happy. Same way every morning for me comes with a motivation to cook something new and so I spend each day fruitfully. Continue reading “Homemade Chilli Mushroom Pizza”