Dal palak/ Spinach curry Recipe

We are use to having all types of Dals in our daily meal. It is prepared by cooking the dals and giving tadka with spices. Dal palak is also prepared in the same way but along with other spices & dal, palak/spinach is added which entirely changes the appearance and taste of the dal.

Dal palak is usually prepared using Arhar/Toor dal. Some also add small quantity of chana/Bengal gram dal along with Arhar/Toor dal. This dish is very easy to cook and taste Delicious. Dal palak can be eaten with roti or rice. I like to have it with Bajre ki roti…believe me it tastes too good. Continue reading “Dal palak/ Spinach curry Recipe”

Bhindi/Lady’s finger/Okra sabzi/side dish

Winter is coming and we can see lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in the market. Along with vegetables and fruits, the season blesses us with good appetite and health.

Bhindi/okra/Lady’s Finger is a vegetable available throughout the year but during winter it is fresher, with dense green color. This recipe of Bhindi sabzi/side dish is a simple way to cook Bhindi keeping its original taste and color by using minimum spices. Continue reading “Bhindi/Lady’s finger/Okra sabzi/side dish”