Dahi ke kebab

Dahi ke Kebab is a very unique and tasty recipe for starter or as a snack. This kebab is prepared using hung curd as the main ingredient, which is so soft and delicate that will simply melt in your mouth giving away its sour taste in a different way. So tempting are these words to read… Same way the kebab are yummy to eat. Continue reading “Dahi ke kebab”

Sugar-free Dry fruits & Nuts Ladoos

This sugar-free dry fruits & nuts ladoos are full of healthy benefits as it is prepared only from nuts and dry fruits and no sugar is used. Yes a little effort one has to put but believe me it is worth. A little precaution one has to take of not over eating it, they are so delicious that one can hardly control their temptation to have more. The reason is, it is  harmful to have more than required daily intake of nuts and dry fruits. Continue reading “Sugar-free Dry fruits & Nuts Ladoos”